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Additional hints can be found in the Global Glossary and on the following My Word! pages: A-Class Warriors, Roman Measurements, Women of Oedipus, Cursus Honorum.

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Chi Files Crossoword Puzzle


1 Roman magistrate who conducted the census of Roman citizens and property.
4 Chief Roman magistrate.
5 16 sextarii or approximately 1 peck.
6 Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta.
7 Second greatest warrior of the Greeks at Troy.
11 Hero of the Iliad.
14 Roman magistrate considered "sacrosanct."
15 Roman magistrate who served as a law court judge.
16 625 Roman feet.


2 Mythical female being with the head of a human and the body of a lion.
3 Sister of 6 across.
6 Macedonian king who by conquest brought Greek civilization to the East as far as India.
7 Greek god of war.
8 Roman magistrate who oversaw public games.
9 Female warriors led by a queen.
10 Roman liquid measure.
12 Roman measurement of land, equal to 28,800 square feet.
13 1,000 paces.


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