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The Aftermath: Post Iliad through the Odyssey
by Donna Patrick, Sylvia Simms & Robert Sohrweide

This exercise takes you through the events that happened following the death of Patroklos in the Iliad through Odysseus' return to Ithaca in the Odyssey. Beginning with Step 1, read the brief explanation and click on the links to vases, sites, texts and images to learn more about what occurred.

Step 1: The Death of Hektor.
Link: Vase Catalog, Boston 63.473.
Image: Achilles drags the body of Hektor behind his chariot.
Text: Homer, Iliad Book 24.1.
Achilles pulls the dead body of Hektor around the tomb of Patroklos.

Step 2: The Ransom of Hektor.
Link: Vase Catalog, Toledo 1972.54.
Image: Priam goes to Achilles to ransom back the body of Hektor.
Text: Homer, Iliad Book 24.468.
Priam, protected by Hermes, goes to Achilles' house in the Achaean camp to pay a ransom for the body of his son Hektor.

Step 3: The Death of Achilles.
Link: Vase Catalog, Louvre F 201.
Image: Side A, Ajax supports body of Achilles.
Ajax protects the body of Achilles and his armor.

Step 4: Ajax vs. Odysseus.
Link: Vase Catalog, Vienna 3695.
Image: Side A.
Text: Sophocles,
Ajax line 1335.
Ajax and Odysseus argue over who should receive Achilles armor.

Step 5: The suicide of Ajax.
Link: Vase Catalog, Boston 99.514.
Image: Exterior.
Text: Sophocles,
Ajax line 815-865.
Ajax, crazed by Odysseus' selection to receive the armor of Achilles, commits suicide by falling on his sword.

Step 6: The Fall of Troy (Ilioupersis).
Link: Vase Catalog, Naples 2422.
Image: The death of Priam and the Trojan woman attacking a Greek.
Neoptolemus kills Priam after entering the walls of Troy in the Trojan Horse.

Step 7: The rape of Kassandra.
Link: Vase Catalog, Boston 59.178.
Image: Ajax, son of Oileus, drags Kassandra away from the statue of Athena.
Explanation: Ajax the Minor drags Kassandra away from the statue of Athena where she has supplicated herself.

Step 8: Aeneas saves Anchises.
Link: Vase Catalog, Boston 59.178.
Image: Aeneas carrying Anchises.
During the sack of Troy, Aeneas carries his father, Anchises, away to safety.

Step 9: Menelaos captures Helen.
Link: Vase Catalog, Toledo 1967.154.
Image: Menelaos chasing Helen.
After the sack of Troy, Menelaos captures Helen to take her home.

Step 10: Troy.
Link: Site Catalog, Troad.
Explanation: Read about the history of Troy from its settlement in ca. 3000 BCE to a visit by the emperor Julian in 355 ACE.

Step 11: Death of Aigisthos.
Link: Vase Catalog, Vienna 3725.
Image: Orestes killing Aigisthos.
While Agamemnon was away at war with Troy, Aigisthos became Clytemnestra's paramour and helps Clytemnestra kill Agamemnon upon his return from Troy. Orestes, Agamemnon's son, avenges his father's death.

Step 12: Penelope and Telemachus
Link: Vase Catalog, Chiusi 1831.
Image: Penelope weaving.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 2.95.
Penelope and Telemachus await the return of Odysseus while under siege by Penelope's suitors. Penelope weaves Laertes' funeral shroud by day and unravels it by night.

Step 13: Odysseus and Nausicaa.
Link: Vase Catalog, Munich 2322.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 6.100.
Explanation: Odysseus meets Nausicaa and her companions on beach.

Step 14: The Blinding of Polyphemos.
Link: Vase Catalog, Louvre F 342.
Image: Blinding.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 9.375.
To escape from Polyphemos cave, Odysseus and his men blind the drunk Cyclops with a sharp stick.

Step 15: Escape from the cave of Polyphemos.
Link: Vase Catalog, Toledo 1927.97.
Image: Odysseus tied under a ram.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 9.425.
To escape from the cave, Odysseus and his men tie themselves under the Polyphemos' sheep to prevent the blind Cyclops from feeling them as they leave the cave.

Step 16: Circe and Odysseus.
Link: Vase Catalog, Boston 99.518.
Image: Circe and Odysseus.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 10.210.
Circe welcomes Odysseus' crew with a potion that turns them into animals. Odysseus approaches Circe unaffected by her magic.

Step 17: Odysseus consulting the shade of Teiresias.
Link: Vase Catalog, Paris, Cab. Méd. 422.
Image: Odysseus consulting Teiresias.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 11.90.
Odysseus consults the shade of Teiresias as Teiresias appears in the pool of sacrificial blood at Odysseus' feet.

Step 18: Odysseus and the Sirens
Link: Vase Catalog, Boston 01.8100.
Image: Odysseus tied to the mast as the Sirens sing.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 12.175.
Odysseus give bees wax to his men to put in their ears to prevent them from hearing the Sirens' song.

Step 19: Nurse washing Odysseus' feet.
Link: Vase Catalog, Chiusi 1831.
Image: Nurse and Odysseus.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 19.480.
Disguised as an old beggar, Odysseus enters his palace at Ithaca. No one recognizes him except his nurse who, while washing his feet, notices a scar on his leg.

Step 20: Odysseus slaying the suitors
Link: Vase Catalog, Berlin F 2588.
Image: Odysseus draws his bow and slays the suitors.
Text: Homer, Odyssey Book 22.1.
Having strung his bow, Odysseus slays Penelope's suitors.


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